The Truth About the hCG Diet

The Truth About the hCG Diet

There are literally dozens of ways, if not more, to make the number on the scale smaller.  Unfortunately, the majority of ways to simply lose weight are extraordinarily unhealthy.  The hCG diet is one of them.
I'm not here to point fingers or condemn you for trying the hCG diet if you have.  I realize people are looking for real answers to healthy fat loss, or at least they should be.  However, attempting to lose weight the wrong way can and will make you sick.
Remember, if you tell yourself you need to lose weight, what you're really saying is you want to lose fat.  Keep that in mind.
hCG is the Pregnancy Hormone
The first hormone produced by a pregnant woman is hCG.  It prepares her body for carrying a baby.  Specifically, it allows the flow of progesterone and estrogen.  In addition to turning on the hormones, hCG also preserves the early stages of pregnancy.  Think of it as a protective hormone.  But, if not pregnant, hCG preserves cancer growth by acting as a life support to the biological superpower.  Read that last part again.
hCG grants cancer cells the ability to produce new blood vessels, a process called neovascularization.  The Anticancer Research highlighted this in 2003 saying, "hCG is able to induce neovascularization in tumor cells."  Helping cancer cells grow isn't something anybody wants, but this has been known for some time.  
Some people will read this and say, "But, I lost weight on the hCG diet."  So what?  Is being a smaller, unhealthier version of yourself a goal of yours?  On top of that, the food recommendations given are also atrocious... very low calorie while greatly restricting the most important macronutrient, healthy fat.  
The moral of the story is, you can lose fat AND become healthier at the same time.  No magic potion, pixy dust or special elixir will make that happen.  

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