Autoimmune Illness

When your immune system is healthy, it will destroy viruses, bacteria, foreign organisms, and disease.

Your immune system relies on a number of important white blood cells (like monocytes, lymphocytes, and neutrophils) to identify and destroy harmful invaders. When your white blood cells are healthy and working properly, not only will they destroy viruses and bacteria, but they will even eliminate cancerous cells, all without any conscious thought on your part! When everything is working as it should, you will be healthy and strong.

Unfortunately, if your immune system is not working properly, it can work against you. A previously healthy immune system can actually begin to attack healthy cells in your body, so it is not only destroying the harmful invaders, but your healthy organ tissue, as well. When your body is not capable of sending the correct messages to your immune system, you develop an autoimmune disease.

There are hundreds of diseases that fall into the category of autoimmune disease, including:

        Addisons Disease




        Graves Disease

        Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

        Multiple Sclerosis

        Myasthenia Gravis

        Pernicious anemia


        Reactive arthritis

        Rheumatoid arthritis


        Sjogren Syndrome

        Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

        Type 1 diabetes

Autoimmune disease does not happen overnight; it is the result of years of accumulated emotional, physical, and chemical stress. Common sources of physical stress include trauma, pregnancy, and the aging process. Chemical stressors include processed foods and environmental toxins, many of which mimic hormones that our body produces naturally. These hormone impostors confuse your body's messaging system and impair your ability to fight things like the common cold or cancer, making you more vulnerable to premature aging and disease.

Some common symptoms with autoimmune issues include, but are not limited to: lack of energy, insomnia/trouble sleeping, digestive problems, irritability, and neurological symptoms. Many people treat these symptoms individually, often with medication, but it is critically important that you find the underlying cause of these symptoms and remove the source. After we identify the cause, we will develop a customized plan to allow your body to heal and recover.

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