Hormone Imbalance

Often times the discovery of a hormone dysfunction, or imbalance, begins with our symptoms. common complaints include weight gain, blood sugar issues, low sex drive, chemical sensitivity, infertility, depression, mood swings, fatigue, bone loss, and low muscle mass. In most cases, the problem with hormone imbalance is not the hormone itself, but what is causing the hormones to be unbalanced.

Our hormones are regulated by our brain, specifically the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, which make up part of our endocrine system. If either of these control centers fail, often due to toxicity or stress, our endocrine system cannot properly regulate our hormones. Many people choose hormone replacement therapy, hormone creams, and medications, in efforts to alter the biochemistry of the body.  Unfortunately, these approaches often lead to increased symptoms or more problems.

To create hormonal harmony and balance, it is necessary to look beyond the hormones themselves.  Going to the source and repairing the damage upstream is the only way I believe someone can overcome hormone problems. When you find the source, you can begin healing.

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