EMF and Dirty Electricity Consulting and Home Inspection

Your body is constantly bombarded by countless toxins and environmental stressors every day.  Whether you are on the journey to restoring your health, or want to protect your family members, the less toxins and stressors you expose your body to, the more likely you are to achieve health and well-being.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are all around us.  Anything that uses electricity will create an EMF. Research has proven that EMFs can interfere with cellular function and healing, causing an array of ailments that range from headaches, dizziness, and brain fog, to more severe, like digestive diseases and cancer.

Dirty electricity is high frequency voltage transient that is transmitted through your home’s electrical wiring.  Excess energy coming from our grid system into your home leaks out into the environment (“dirty electricity”) and creates countless health risks. The amount of dirty electricity in each home varies, but can be easily analyzed with a thorough home inspection, then reduced to a safe level with filters and shielding materials that last a lifetime.

Home Inspection and Analysis 

Most homes can be measured in approximately 2 hours, depending on size.  During a home inspection, the EMFs and dirty electricity levels in the home are measured and recorded.  A written report is provided after your home inspection, with specific recommendations for correction, using shielding materials and electricity filters.

If you or your loved ones live outside the greater Pittsburgh area, you may consider doing a virtual inspection.  In a virtual inspection you will receive the testing equipment to use for one week, with provided set-up instructions.  You will also receive phone or Skype coaching to explain readings, provide recommendations for correction, and to answer questions.  After your inspection, you will send this equipment back using prepaid postage.

We work with local patients in the greater Pittsburgh area, as well as virtually with patients across the United States and around the world.

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