Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease symptoms can vary widely from one individual to another, and even mimic other disorders.  Symptoms often include several of the following:

Cognitive Changes: brain fog, impaired memory, inability to concentrate
Digestive Issues: including loss of appetite and nausea
Fatigue, poor sleep, and lethargy
Flu-like symptoms (especially shortly after being infected) : chills, fever, muscle aches
Mood Changes: anxiety and/or depression
Pain: aches, shooting pains

Lyme disease is frequently misdiagnosed.  Co-infections and other complications can also further compromise immune function and make symptoms more severe.  We utilize a multi-faceted testing approach to identify Lyme infection, co-infections, and complicating factors such as heavy metal toxicity, nutritional deficiency, hormone imbalance, and gut dysfunction.

We, at Greiner Health Solutions, are able to customize a safe and effective protocol, specific to the individual factors surrounding your Lyme infection, to allow your body to heal and recover.  Our doctors work closely with each patient to ensure optimal healing, making adjustments in protocol tailored to an individual's symptoms and tolerance to the protocol.

Each Lyme case is different, so individual recommendations and length of protocol vary from person to person.Although many Lyme patients come to us weary after a long and frustrating journey in their path to recovery, we have seen patient after patient achieve amazing results and truly reclaim their health.

We work with local patients in the greater Pittsburgh area, as well as virtually with patients across the United States and around the world.

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