The Root Cause of All Disease: Toxicity and Deficiency

The Root Cause of All Disease: Toxicity and Deficiency

"What more can be asked by any doctor or layman than a philosophy of the cause of disease that gives a perfect understanding of all the so-called diseases?
To know cause supplies even the layman with a dependable knowledge of how to avoid building disease, and how to cure.  When people know how to avoid disease they know an immunization that immunizes rationally.
Dependable knowledge of what disease really is and its cause is man's salvation; and when it can be had with no more effort that that required to read carefully and understandingly, there is little excuse for anyone, lay or professional, to live in ignorance of it.
Knowledge is power.  Knowledge of how to have gives greatest power.  
Few people know anything about the cause of disease."
- John Tilden, MD
Before someone embarks on a health journey, there is a very important question that should be asked.
"How did I get here?"
What were the lifestyle choices made that could've contributed to lack of health?  For many people, there are several.  Sadly, most of the choices people are making are made out of ignorance.  This is why it's important to work with someone who is qualified and can coach you.
Physically, all we are is cells.  Our hair, organs, blood, fingernails, etc... nothing but cells.  Think of your heart for a moment.  Most call our hearts an organ but what is it really?  Our hearts are a bunch of cells organized that carry out heart function.  The point is, if you want to be truly healthy, you have to take care of your cells; most specifically, the environment in which your cells live.
Simply put, our cells need certain things to thrive:
* water
* air
* nutrients
* electricity
If the cells are receiving what they need, they'll thrive, but that's only half of the equation.  The second half is just as important.
If you hear the word "toxins", what comes to mind?  In my experience, when I ask that question, people respond with things like, "air pollution" or "chemical spills", etc.  Those are, in fact, toxins but there are more.  The average American is exposed to hundreds of toxins every single day.  Believe it or not, most of these toxins are right in our homes.  As a matter of fact, it's estimated that our homes are 3 times more toxic than the outside environment.
Here are possible sources of toxicity in your home:
* food
* toothpaste
* cleaning chemicals
* shampoo
* soap
* lotions
* air fresheners
* deodorant
* body wash
* cookware
The good news is, there are safe alternatives to all of those.  I have no interest in any particular brands or companies so I always recommend doing your research. 
As you can see, we are bombarded with a toxic burden that our bodies cannot keep up with.  Our major organs of detoxification suffer and can no longer handle the stress.  If this continues, we fall ill.
So, the combination of not enough of good with too much bad will create an unhealthy environment for our cells.  
Extracellular Matrix
Our cells aren't floating in the air.  They live in what's called the extracellular matrix.  Our hearts pump blood to target tissues and that is the environment in which our cells live.  If the blood is clean and full of all the good, the cells bathe in a healthy environment.  If the blood is full of pesticides, bacteria, viruses, toxins from our every day life, the cells will bathe in poison.  Catch my drift?
What's important to understand is that nobody is going to completely escape toxicity.  What each person has to assess is what are their major contributers and eliminate them.  We can't control everything but we can pay attention to what we're putting in and on our bodies.  Lighten the load.  That's the first step.
* stop eating processes foods, sugar and grain
* eat organic whenever possible
* use aluminum free deodorant
* avoid unfermented soy
* use fluoride-free toothpaste
* use an oil diffuser for instead of plug-in air fresheners 
* swap conventional home cleaning products for safer alternatives
* have any amalgam fillings removed by a biological dentist
* go on a water fast
These are just a few things that can make a huge difference.  Remember, you don't have to do this on your own.  Find a qualified clinician that can coach you.  For more on this, go to

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