Largest Meal of the Day: Timing

Largest Meal of the Day: Timing

Fat loss and gain is, by and large, rooted in hormone regulation OR dysregulation.  The timing of eating plays just as an important role, if not more, as what we eat. 
In the morning, specifically at 8am, hunger is actively suppressed.  There are a handful of reasons for this.  It wouldn't make much sense to try and force-feed ourselves.  Clinically, I've heard this literally thousands of times.  People always tell me they're never hungry in the morning but they force themselves to eat anyway because "that's what the 'experts' say".  Not to mention, eating doesn't produce weight loss.
What about eating late?  This is also not a winning strategy.  Hunger is maximally stimulated around 7:50 at night.  Insulin is most stimulated by food at this time, which means that the same amount of food eaten will result in higher insulin levels.  Higher insulin levels = fat gain.
The largest meal of the day should be consumed between noon and 3pm.  As a matter of fact, it would be wise to actually wait until noon to eat your first meal (this doesn't apply to 100% of the population for other health reasons.  That's why it's important to consult a qualified heath professional).  If you choose to eat later in the afternoon/early evening, try to not eat after 7pm and the meals should be smaller during that time.
As always, limit/eliminate all processed foods, sugar, grain and hydrogenated fats as general guidelines.  

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