How to Beat Sugar Cravings For Good

How to Beat Sugar Cravings For Good

If you're like me, you like sweet food.  I mean, who doesn't?  However, the dangers of consuming sugar on a regular basis aren't only detrimental to the size of your waistline, sugar fuels inflammation and can make you sick.

With the dramatic increase of obesity and disease in this country, we need not look any further than our diets.  There is no shortage of weight loss plans, pieces of exercise equipment or something-for-nothing claims from so-called authorities.  Despite all of that, we're sicker and heavier than ever before in history.  Below, I'll give you 3 easy steps to kick your sugar addiction for good.

Go Cold Turkey:

Seems easier said than done (hey, I didn't say there wouldn't be work involved).  The fact of the matter is, even though it sounds daunting, the easiest, quickest way to kick your sugar addiction is to stop cold turkey.  When you stop sugar altogether, you allow the physiological shift in your body to adapt to fat burning.  The quicker the better.  When you stop sugar all at once, the shift happens faster and cravings disappear.  This process happens at different stages for different people, but in my experience, it can take between 4-10 days.  

Eat More HEALTHY Fat:

Our bodies prefer to utilize fat for energy.  It burns cleaner and it's necessary for proper cellular function.  Consuming healthy fats can improve omega fatty acid ratios, greatly reduce inflammation, help shrink your waistline and fuel your body properly.  Sources of healthy fats include:

- Extra-virgin, cold-pressed, organic coconut oil
- Avocados
- Pastured eggs and egg yolks
- Raw nuts and seeds (if you don't have a sensitivity to them)
- Raw, grass-fed butter
- One hundred percent grass-fed beef
- Organic, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil (remember to not heat olive oil)
- Raw, grass-fed dairy (if you don't have a sensitivity to it)
- Palm oil
- Grapeseed oil

I recommend your macronutrient (proteins, fats, carbs) intake should break down like this:

- 70-80 percent fat
- 15-20 percent protein
- 5-10 percent carbohydrates only coming from non-starchy vegetables

Use Safe Sweeteners:

The really cool thing about changing you diet is that you can have anything you enjoy to eat as long as you're using the proper ingredients.  You can enjoy desserts, treats and pizza.  Instead of using inflammatory sweeteners or grain, here are a few tips on healthy sweeteners/flours to enjoy your favorite treats.

- Stevia... not all Stevia is created equally.  Green Stevia Leaf, in my opinion, is the safest and most pure Stevia to use.  It is the least processed.  This stevia is sweet and has a slightly bitter aftertaste.  It's wise to experiment with stevia to your taste to get the recipe just right.

- Almond or Coconut flour for baking.  Again, depending on the recipe and if you're eliminating grains, these are fantastic options.  Make sure to search through our blog posts to get all of the amazing recipes.

Kicking sugar cravings isn't as difficult as you think.  If you have the proper guidance and information, you can be well on your way to becoming a fat burner in no time.

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